How To Use Jio Sim In All 3G Mobile phones – Simple Steps

Hey man this is Rahul and today we gonna rock about jio 4g, seriously jio 4g give us a gift like a bag with full money. But there’s a problem we didn’t have 4g smartphone so that bag is empty for us. No problem I am here to present how to run jio 4g internet on 3g phone. On whole web, I found many ways to run jio 4g on 3g cell but they are not showing properly that how can i run jio 4g on my 3g mobile?

So after see all those ways to use jio 4g on 3g phone, I write about best way to use Reliance Jio on 3g smartphone and below you can see that.

What you get in this page?
  • How to use Jio in 3g or 2g phone.
  • How to use Jio voice call in 3g mobile.
  • Reliance Jio 4g router
  • How to use Jio sim in 3g device.
  • For MediaTek processor smartphone.
  • How to run Jio 4g sim in Redmi 1s 3g device.
  • Enable 4g network in 3G phone for use Jio

How to use jio 4g on 3g or 2g mobile with jio free calling

  • For run jio on 3g or 2g phone, First of all you need a Reliance JioFi personal router so you can buy it from click on Reliance JioFI Router.
  • Go to upper given link and buy this jio router, you can get your order delivery within 7 working day.
  • After buy this router cannect your 3g smartphone with reliance jio 4g internet.

Finally your 3g mobile able to use jio free 4g internet.

Then there also have a step to do and what is that?

How to use jio free voice calling on 3g phone

Jio free calling is also like a bag with full money, Lol. For use jio voice call on 3g cellphone follow below steps-

  • Jio pvt. ltd. make an android app for jio voice calling and that name also Jio4gVoice app, and you can download it from play store.
  • After downloading complete run the app and sign in with your jio wifi.
  • That’s complete now you are ready to use jio 4g call’s on 3g phone.

So my task is complete, you are now able to use jio 4g internet on your 3g mobile and jio free calling on 3g android phone.

Jio Router –  More details

JioFi 3 WiFi router come with charging cable, warranty card, JioFi 3, battery, adapter. If you wanna run jio 4g on your 3g phone the you must buy this router.

You can connect upto 30 devices with 3g sets and use jio on 3g set. This WiFi router have a big battery, so you can use more and more jio free internet and voice calling on 3g mobile.

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer is the great offer for all Jio users. After run Jio sim in 3g phone you need to recharge you Jio sim, if you haven’t done yet.

In below you see some plans of Jio, read clearly and recharge your Jio sim and continue enjoy Jio on your 3g smartphone.

Rs. 309 :- Reliance Jio give you very cheap and Reliable plan for enjoying Jio 4G. See below, what you get in this pack?

  • You get 1 GB 4G data daily with high speed.
  • You also get unlimited free National callings.
  • You also get free SMS and many other servives.
  • This offer is vaild next 3 months form your recharge date.
Jio welcome offer validity and details

Jio welcome offer date now extended to till 15 April 2017. In jio welcome offer you get unlimited free voice calling, unlimited SMS, Unlimited 4g data and jio app till 15 April. You don’t need to do anything for jio welcome offer, this is automatically activate when your jio sim status is on.

You get 1gb 4g data daily with 40MB per second speed and after usage of 1gb you are get 128kb per second with unlimited limit. At 2 am to 5 am you get unlimited high speed jio 4g internet so you can download anything on your 3g mobile in the dark night.

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When I heard about the jio welcome offer my heart fill with so much happiness and I am so excited to use jio 4g internet and callings. But my phone is not 4g then I Found this how to use jio on 3g mobile and I write about trick to use Reliance jio on 3g apple or android phone.

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How to use Jio sim in 3g smartphone

If you wanna run Jio sim on your old 3g smartphone then, first of all you need a activated Reliance Jio sim card.

For MediaTek processor

Your 3g phone have MediaTek processor or you don’t know? If you don’t know that your 3g mobile have MediaTek processor then in below you get a way to find out what is the processor of your 3g phone for use Jio in 3g.

  1. For check, what is your phone processor? You need CPU-Z app, so download this by click on Download CPU-Z app.
  2. After installation complete open CPU-Z app and let’s wait for checking your 3g phone information’s.
  3. If you 3g device have an MediaTeck chip-set processor then you get a MedoaTek Processor logo on display.

So, Now you know that your 3g phone have MediaTek processor or not, If your answer is No then check out next trick to use Jio in 3g else read below steps clearly for Jio sim in 3g mobile.

  1. Firstly download the MTK engineering mode app and install it by click on Download Now.
  2. Open this app and dai the codes for open engineering mode on your phone.
  3. Now to goto mtk setting and open the network option and then select 4g or LTE network mode in you 3g mobile phone.
  4. After do all upper process trun of you phone and insert new activated Reliance Jio sim in first sim solt and leave 2 sim solt empty
  5. Turn on your Jio 3g mobile and this is done, you 3g mobile easily run Jio sim card.

So that’s complete, within 5 to 10 second you will see the Jio sim network on 3g phone, but there a problem, you cn see on Jio 4g network on 3g device but you are only able to use Jio 4g internet in 3g speed and that’s not bad.

If know you are not able to run Jio sim in 3g & 2g smartphone the follow the next steps.

Trick to run Jio sim in Redmi 1s phone

If you have an Redmi 1s phone and you wanna play Reliance Jio in this phone then follow the below steps and if you don’t have Redmi 1s then go to the next trick for use Jio in 3g smartphone.

Steps for use Jio 4g on 3g Redmi 1s phone :

  1. Turn on your Redmi 1s 3g mobile and open dailer and enter the following code : *#*#4636#*#*
  2. After dail this code you get a new window and this is know as testing page.
  3. Find the phone information and open it.
  4. Then search set preferred network type and then select any option with LTE. Example LTE/GSM auto

This is done, now your 3g phone able to use Jio sim. So, use Jio 4g sim in 3g phone, Jio sim in 3g mobile.

Easily enable 4g network in 3g device for use Reliance Jio 4g

You can use Jio sim in 3g smartphone by using this trick to allow 4g network in 3g phone for use Jio internet on 3g set. Follow below steps-

  1. First of all go to your 3g mobile phone settings and open mobile network option.
  2. Then go to network carriers and search mobile network manually.
  3. Here you see many networks and also see Reliance Jio 4g network so let’s select it.
  4. If you get errors to choose Jio network then wait for some time your 3g phone automatically detect Jio network.
  5. Now you are able to use Jio 4g sim in 3g mobile.

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If you have any doubt the don’t forget to leave comment, and if also you any other ways to use Reliance Jio 4g sim in 3g phone then also place comment.

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