Tricks to get more traffic on your web or blog

After buying a domain or get a blog the major and most thing is to get traffic on your blog or website. So i will explain you that how you get more traffic on your website or blog. You may follow one out of them or all .

1. Added it to a search engine :

This is the best method to get more traffic on your web is that submit it to many search engines like google, yahoo, MSN etc.


  • Added to google searh engine, link
  • Added to yahoo, link
  • Added to MSN, link

2. Advertising your website on another websites

This is best choice to popular your website via advertising on another websites using free classified ads service. You can search for free ads on search engines

3. join with discussion forums

You must go for joining forms so that you will get fresh ideas and you can spread your URL on their.

4. writing the fresh and unique Articles

You must write Unique and Interesting Articles on your Blog or Website this is the main factor to attract the visitors this will help you get more hits on your website

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